A Book Is (Almost) Born

Not long now!

This is the part where I get a bit nervous. This book is a strange project – a memoir, yes, but with a slanted perspective that’s definitely not typical. I express myself differently because I think differently. Will it come across as a little arrogant and lacking in warmth? The early readers didn’t think so, but most of them already knew me. Now it’s going out to strangers and they’re paying for the privilege. Different situation; different rules.

9 Jan is also my birthday, so any messages/shares/good wishes on that day are welcome. 🙂


On balance, I’m satisfied with this book. The idea was to describe the sensations and dynamics of this weird new life, so there’s absolutely no way to get a non-weird book out of that. Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope you find my experiences and ideas entertaining, enlightening or whatever you need them to be.


The blurb still isn’t perfect, so I’ve written yet another. It’s hard to encapsulate what is actually a rather complex work, despite its shortness (33K).

You write so objectively, intelligently & elegantly… – early reviewer

Brain injury plunged me into a world of distortion and chaos, where my own thoughts and senses could no longer be trusted. Searching for medical help, I found doubt and manipulation instead. But I’m Not Depressed is a bleak but ultimately hopeful tale, and a slap in the face to the culture of psychobabble.

As beautiful as it is powerful. Gut punch material. – beta reader

A few links

Amazon author page: amazon.com/author/lia

Amazon book page: viewbook.at/ButImNotDepressed



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