I have a miserable cold today…

…so any book reviews would be very much appreciated in this delicate state! It’s been out for two weeks already, and getting a trickle of good feedback (see herehere and here). But there’s always room for more. Especially on Amazon. 😉

I’m taking preorders for signed paperbacks at $9.99, £6.99, and €7.99 respectively. They’ll be ready sometime next month, a little later than anticipated, because in the usual last-minute manner, I’ve chosen now to make some changes on the cover. There was one particular font that was a bit bland, but it was used to give an impression of “respectability”, which I’ve now decided I don’t care about. Here’s the new front cover, guaranteed 27% cooler.

The Back Cover

…is also getting a tweak, but that’s review-related. The Canadian artist May Mutter creates bodypainting portraits inspired by brain injury, and she gave me an amazing review which I’m quoting on the paperback. Her work is moving, enlightening and visually striking. More about her here.

It really is a luxury to be your own artist and formatter. I can imagine an external contractor getting very, very annoyed about all these extra tweaks! On a more prosaic level, a few wording errors were spotted by early readers, some of the spine text in the proof was too dark, and the book text is a bit large for my liking. It was chosen back in September when I was worried the book would be too short. So this is an opportunity to fix all that and make it perfect.

Hopefully you’re having a better day than I am 🙂 . I’ll leave you with the trailer, just in case you haven’t seen it! And the book link, as ever, is here.

But I’m Not Depressed: video trailer



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