Invisible: The Mystery Of Hidden Illness

Release Date: 24 June 2019

Invisible is an anthology of writing on the subject of invisible illness and disability. While writing my brain injury memoir, But I’m Not Depressed, I noticed that patients with completely different medical histories had been through strikingly similar experiences. The common element seemed to be invisible illness. Visible disabilities have their own problems, but the world more or less acknowledges them. With invisible illness, we are dealing with equally debilitating conditions, and we carry the extra weight of others’ doubt and speculation.

I chose to collect patients’ voices and insights into their world. Invisible has stories, poetry and essays involving a variety of people and conditions. Some are real-life accounts, others are stories inspired by experience. Most writers have chosen their own experiences, except one who chose a family member.

It struck me how much our experiences of life and health are interpreted by others. How badly the process can fail, and how there’s often no correction mechanism. A misreading can go through the health system with devastating effect because nobody asked the patient “are you sure this is right?” So this book aims to present people’s unvarnished thoughts with no analysis unless they choose to analyse. It illustrates our lived realities. That plural is important – we are different individuals in separate lives and one story cannot define the whole.

Practical/Marketing Details

I am a book designer and formatter of over five years’ experience, and this project is a self-published anthology along the lines of the Writerpunk Press and Writers Colony anthologies. The book will be published in ebook format first with a subsequent paperback. All proceeds go to ME Action to support their activism for what is rather dubiously called “chronic fatigue syndrome”. I am aware of no umbrella organisation for invisible illness, so it had to go to one, and their work struck me as very relevant.

Being an indie production, this will need a lot of marketing. I’ll want as much help as possible for that 🙂 . The project is running lateish, so I’m postponing most marketing efforts until post-release. There’ll be review copies at the end of production (mid-June).

Release Date: 24 June 2019

To express your interest, suggest possibilities or offer opportunities, please contact me by email or on Facebook. (No paid services, please.)

Thank you for reading!

Lia Rees


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