Invisible: The Mystery Of Hidden Illness

Thank you for showing an interest! I am a book designer and formatter of roughly five years’ experience, and this project is a self-published anthology along the lines of the Writerpunk Press and Writers Colony anthologies. The book will be published on Amazon, with all proceeds (mine and yours) going to a chronic illness charity. One possibility is the ME Association, but I am open to suggestions. “Invisible” is my working title and isn’t set in stone.

Submission Brief

I’m looking for stories, poetry, essays, art and photography on the subject of invisible illness. This includes mental illness and the downsides of neurodiversity, which can behave like mental illness. It also includes fluctuating conditions where you’re sometimes okay and sometimes not. If you’re not sure if your submission will count, check with me first.

Anybody can submit (you do not have to know me personally). All submissions need to be polished to the best possible standard. I’ll fix the odd typo if it’s spotted, but in general I need work in publishable condition. You will need to write a one-paragraph biography which will also go in the book.

For writers: there’s no minimum word count, and the maximum is 8000. A little swearing and the odd sexual reference are fine – we are adults – but I’m ruling out heavy swearing and actual erotica as they don’t fit this project. Beyond that, your piece can be in any genre. If you are writing about an illness or condition you do not personally have, I recommend that you consult people with experience (the various NaNoWriMo-themed Facebook groups are good for this). I can handle Word documents and any of the standard office software most people have. If you have something weird, check with me.

For artists: your art needs to look good in greyscale, since that’s what the print book will be. High-resolution graphics and vector art are both acceptable.

Submission Deadline: 31 Jan 2019

The final selection will be chosen in February. The book will be better if I can go through all the submissions in one batch, so apologies in advance for the wait. They’ll be picked on quality, but I also want an interesting variety of writing styles, genres and subject matter.

Simultaneous Submissions and Previously Published Work

I am extremely relaxed about these. Your piece can be previously published or on track to publication elsewhere. Other publishers’ standards may be tighter than mine, and those are your responsibility to handle. I don’t want to lock down your work when you’re not getting paid, but it would be helpful to know if the piece is already published,  so I can monitor how many pieces are actually exclusive to this book.

Rights and Licenses

Your work is your own, and copyright is yours (whether you register it or not). By submitting a piece to me, you’re offering me a license to publish it in this anthology and nowhere else. I don’t get any other rights over the material, or any other work of yours.


Being an indie production, this will need a lot of marketing. I’ll want as much help as possible for that 🙂 . If you can’t contribute a piece, please consider helping with marketing. There’ll also be review copies at the end of production (April/May).

Release Date: 24 June 2019

Thank you for reading! This will be an exciting project and I’m intrigued about what will come through. I am open to submissions now by email or on Facebook.

Lia Rees



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