About Me

I am an ambitious millennial battling through the mental and visual haze of a brain injury. My creative work is a balance of brain injury work and unrelated projects.

Brain Injury Awareness

I intend to bring an unusual perspective and bold aesthetic style to my efforts in this sphere. Several books are planned, overlapping the territory of memoir, self-help and advocacy.  I will also use my graphic skills to create full-colour information booklets for survivors in an appealing fantasy art style. Although I hope to be useful in general, I will specialise in the neglected fields of:

  • Non-traumatic acquired brain injury
  • Brain injury in high-IQ patients

as these are my areas of experience.

Punk Writers

I have spent several years on the core team at Punk Writers, a writers’ collective who produce anthologies of punked stories inspired by classic works. We began with Sound And Fury: Shakespeare Goes Punk and branched out. Our latest book, Merely This And Nothing More: Edgar Allan Poe Goes Punk, won first prize in its category at the SIBA awards.

Unique Lives

A series published on Books & Quills Magazine.

Where there are words and those who shape them, Books & Quills Magazine will be there to create an interactive world for every reader.

In this forthcoming interview series, I cast my eye on authors and characters who truly are unusual. Some were born that way; others were created or self-made. Their bold choices and skewed perspectives create a new lens to look at ourselves. By encountering what we are not, we realise what we are, and extend the repertoire and depth of our humanity.

Other Work

I also work as a book formatter and cover designer (Free Your Words) and a video artist (WaterBalloon Media). Satisfied clients include AJ Downey.