Normal Is Irrelevant

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High IQ is misunderstood. So is brain injury. Put them together and you get an epidemic of silent tragedies. I wrote down my story, But I’m Not Depressed, to make sense of my altered world. When researching and recollecting, I realised it wasn’t just my story. I now run a small Facebook community in which fellow high-IQ survivors share experiences. Apart from a few good blog posts, it is the only place devoted to this.

Normal Is Irrelevant: The High IQ Brain Injury Book will be the first book to deal specifically with the impact of brain injury in high-ability minds. It covers the psychology of the situation, common reasons for misdiagnosis and poor treatment, and strategies for rehabilitation. I am writing it for survivors, but it will also contain insights for family members and professionals who treat this particular group. It will state with emphasis that we are different – not better, but different – and need to be handled differently at every step of the way.

To be written in 2017 and released 2018.

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