FindYourOhana: Instructions

FindYourOhana is a Google map set up to enable the NanOhana tribe to locate each other. Anybody can edit the map, and you don’t need a Google account. This is an instruction page to help people add their points.

It’s possible to do it on a phone, but I haven’t seen a proper method for it, so for now I recommend using a computer. If that changes I’ll update this page.

Important: Don’t put your home address on this map. Find a public place nearby (like a coffee shop, park or library).

The map can be found here.

Computer Method (Pretty Easy)

1. First click on this symbol (pin) near the top of the page. On my computer, it’s under the search bar.

2. Click your location on the map. I recommend not using your house, as the map isn’t private. Local libraries, coffee shops and bus stations have all been suggested; anything book- or travel-related seems appropriate.

3. A little white box should come up. You’ll see “Point 234” or something similar, and a blank empty box below. Change “Point X” to your name, which should be the name NanOhana knows you by. A nickname is okay. If you’re a local group or event – e.g. “Story Tellers At Burger King” – treat that as your name for this.

4. Put any extra info in the blank box. If you used a nickname, your real name should go in the blank box, and if you’re a local group you can take this opportunity to elaborate a little. There’s a camera icon (bottom right) if you want to add an image.

5. Click Save.

Optional: To add an icon and pretty colours, stay in the little white box. Find this weird thing which is supposed to be a paint pot (paint) and click on it. You’ll see colours and a few icons, with a “More icons” link at the bottom which is worth exploring. It should look like this.


Do not add any new layers. Everything should be in the “People” layer. If you’ve added a new layer, you’re doing it wrong and you should feel bad.

Phone Method (Tricky)

(I haven’t yet seen a reliable method of doing it on a phone. From what I’m hearing, phone browsers can add points but not put their names on. I’ll update this section when someone hits on a method. For now, use the computer method or ask someone else to do it.)

Congratulations! You’re on the map.

If you’re on a computer, you should be able to use your browser’s Find function to search for names. Pay it forward and help others out. If you want to show your appreciation, check out my memoir, Facebook page and forthcoming book. 🙂